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Vadim Moroz 7th Dan, founder and the President of the Karate-jutsu Federation

Vadim Moroz

Welcome everybody! My name is Vadim Moroz, I am a martial arts teacher, founder and the President of the Karate-Jutsu Federation. Another important part of my life is music, especially jazz. What does the music have to do with it, you will ask? There is a big connection here. Firstly, jazz represents freedom and improvisation, and real karate is also freedom and improvisation. Secondly, both karate and music are forms of Art, which is the most important thing for me. If you treat music as art, it will always be beautiful, it will make our lives brighter and more vibrant. If we treat karate as art, not only will it give us strength, but also teach us to love the world around us, appreciate the beauty and do the good.

Speaking about art, combining karate and music, I would like to tell you another important thing. I don't want my students to be just athletes. Setting records and winning medals is important only when there is everything else. The success of the athletes is useful for the nation, however, what is really important for its citizens – is the level of social development, humanity's mental potential, the availability of scientists, doctors, engineers, poets and people of dozens of other professions that can create and build for the benefit of the whole world. I try to ensure that my students, children and teenagers of our Federation, remain enlightened and brilliant in many ways, combine sports with education, develop themselves morally and spiritually, read a lot and remain interested in different things.

I try to make worthy people, not only strong and healthy, but also thinking and talented. This way not only they will successfully learn Karate, but everything else in life. I am ready to do everything for this and thus invite colleagues, like-minded people to the Karate-Jutsu Federation – the place where the Art of karate is being studied and lives are fulfilled with it!

"Karate-Jutsu" is the "Art of Karate". The Karate-Jutsu Federation was founded in 2004, the base style is Shotokan. Find out more!


Vadim MOROZ, 7th Dan, the Founder and President of the Federation, Instructor of International rank. Biography.


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