The representatives of the Federation have high level of technical skills, many years of experience and hundreds of trained students. These are real masters, teachers who carry enthusiasm, traditions and knowledge in their hearts!


Alberto Cuevas
7-th Dan

The representative of the
Karate-Jutsu Federation in Spain (Madrid).
The President of the
"Tatakai Jutsu Ryu".


Victor Sarkisov
6-th Dan

The Chief of the
Martial Arts School "Karate Budo Kaikan"


Dmitriy Zhukov
4-th Dan

The Chief of the
Dmitriy Zhukov's Martial Arts School


Alexander Chebotarev
4-th Dan

Instructor of the Sports Center "Warshavskiy"


Alexander Grachev
4-th Dan

The President of the
Martial Arts Club "Shinken"


Nikita Moroz, Karate-jutsu Federation

Nikita Moroz
2-nd Dan

Instructor of the
Karate-Jutsu Federation's Honbu Dojo