The examinations in the Federation are held on the basis of traditional Shotokan karate (exceptions are granted to the clubs of other styles that have joined the Federation). Examinations include three main sections: Kihon (basic technique), Kata (formal complexes) and Kumite (training sparrings). Knowledge of Dojo etiquette, terminology and history of karate relative to the current level is required. Certificates and diplomas are issued to those who have successfully passed the certification.

Download Grading syllabus (pdf):

10th, 9th Kyu (White belt)
8th Kyu (Yellow belt)
7th Kyu (Orange belt)
6th Kyu (Green belt)
5th Kyu (Light blue belt)
4th Kyu (Blue belt)
3rd Kyu (Brown belt)
2nd Kyu (Brown belt)
1st Kyu (Brown belt)
Ist Dan (Black belt).